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Jun. 8th, 2011

Serious indeed.

Second Arte; [Voice]

Well now, I suppose it goes without saying that our little venture out in the jungle didn't end on much of a high note. [Jade sounds unconcerned, as always, but his tone changes slightly as he cuts to the point. This was a serious matter, despite their location, and he didn't want to blatantly offend those who could otherwise offer him useful information.] On that note, I do have a request, if you would care to indulge me.

This inquiry may come off as a bit callous, and for that I apologize, but if those of you remaining would care to report the casualties sustained in battle, it would be most appreciated. I would also be interested in your own personal experiences on the battlefield concerning our enemies, if any of you would like to share. You may do so anonymously if you'd prefer. The source of the information is irrelevant.

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Mar. 17th, 2011

My my! Such a temper.

First Arte; [Action/Voice]

[After being dropped off in some undetermined location in the forest, Jade had managed to fight his way through the brush and find his way to civilization; he being the resourceful solider that he is. However, there are a few possibly odd things to note. Firstly, unlike the majority of the new feathers in your midst, this one neither seems confused nor jumpy. Reading the guide found in the journal that had been left with him was the very first matter of business he’d attended to. Secondly, Jade was not dressed in the traditional newfeather garb. Instead, the Malnosso had seen fit to leave him with something... else.

Yes Luceti, Jade Curtiss is wondering your streets in a bathrobe, his journal tucked snuggly under one arm.

Jade will do a quick round of the village, silently memorizing landmarks and observing the residents that are still out and about at this time of night before settling down in Seventh Heaven for a bowl of curry.

After his meal, Jade flips open the journal at his table, contemplating. This communication device was one developed by their kidnappers, so Jade wasn’t going to discuss anything necessarily vital. Still, it did seem the one sure-fire away of communicating to as many residents as possible, and quickly, which could be useful. In fact, this could be a golden opportunity to gather more information about this place. However, if his captors were indeed listening in, he’d have to proceed carefully. At the very least, perhaps he could gauge how his fellow prisoners felt about their situation here, as well as any others he should be privy of immediately. After a silent moment, Jade ‘accidentally’ switched on the voice recorder.]

My, my, this is certainly an odd situation to find myself in. I don’t remember taking any trips. Oh dear, what is this place even called? Luceti, was it? ... No matter, this seems like a quaint little village; so peaceful and quiet and with such beautiful scenery! I suppose a short stay here wouldn’t seem so terrible.

Mar. 12th, 2011

If you'll excuse me. I'm in a hurry.


Do have any comments or suggestions regarding how I play Jade? I would like to play him as correctly as possible, so leave any commentary you have to give here.
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At attention.


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My my! Such a temper.

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Mar. 12th, 2009

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